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The Horizon Technology Customer Support Team is committed to ensuring that our products offer the best automated SPE solutions to testing labs. As part of this commitment, we welcome you to the Horizon Technology Tech Tips web page.  If you have a tech tip to share with others, or you are looking to find advice about a technical issue you encountered with a Horizon Technology system, this is the place to be.

Tips and Tricks with Tom Nesbitt, Technical Support Specialist

January 2012DownloadHydrophilic Solution Treatment: it's the Solution for Your Vapor Lock Problem
December 2011DownloadMaintaining Your Speed-Vap® III
November 2011DownloadWhy you should replace the solvent filters for your 1000/3000 or 4790 SPE-DEX extractors?
October 2011DownloadSupport screen maintenance
September 2011DownloadMaintenance of the SPE-DEX® 1000/3000 extractor accessories
August 2011DownloadMaintenance of the SPE-DEX® 4790 extractor accessories
July 2011DownloadCap adapters - to flow or overflow
June 2011DownloadEluting problems with the 1000/3000 and the 4790 SPE-DEX® extractors
May 2011DownloadAvoiding possible nitrogen sparge problems with using the DryVap®
April 2011DownloadSetting the correct operating conditions for the Speed-Vap® III
March 2011DownloadThe sample collect check valve
February 2011DownloadTheory of operation of the valves within the SPE-DEX® 1000XL/3000XL extractors
January 2011DownloadTheory of operation of the thermistors (liquid sensor) on the SPE-DEX® 1000XL/3000XL extractor
December 2010DownloadTheory of operation of the thermistors (liquid sensors) on the SPE-DEX® 4790 extractor

SPE-DEX® 4790 Automated Extraction System

TT095-161110DownloadProcessing Dirty Samples using the Fast Flow Disk Holder (29-0665)
DownloadAssembly of dual diaphragm vacuum pump
DownloadReplacing a thermistor
DownloadCleaning the sample check valve
DownloadCoating the sample inlet valve

SPE-DEX® 1000/3000XL Automated Extraction Systems

DownloadSPE-DEX® 1000/3000XL Extractors Coating the Water Sample Inlet Valve ST-100 Hydrophilic Solution P/N 165-0712 (T66)
DownloadSetting the liquid sensor assembly (T93)
DownloadUsing the snip and pour standard

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