Press Releases

December 2017

Horizon Technology, Inc., Agreement to be Acquired by Biotage AB

September 2017

Horizon Technology, Inc. Announces ISO 9001:2015 Certification

June 2017

Horizon announces New Features for the XcelVap Evaporation System

March 2017

Horizon announces the SPE-DEX 5000 Extractor System

 Horizon announces the SPE-Z Prep Manual Manifold System for Solid Phase Extraction

Horizon announces the SmartPrep Cartridge Extractor II

March 2016

Horizon announces a new Drinking Water Extraction Package

March 2015

Horizon Announces WaterTrap Membrane Drying System

Horizon Announces EcoLine Filters for TCLP, TSS, and Volatile Solids

Horizon Announces a new Oil & Grease Extraction System

Horizon Announces a New Solvent Recovery System

Horizon Announces New Membrane Drying Formats

November 2014

Horizon Announces the availability of added-capability SmartPrep System Software

July 2014

Horizon Announces a new sales partner in China, Hong Kong and Vietnam, Tegent Scientific

Horizon Technology Announces a Collaboration and Summer Intern Support with the University of Wisconsin-Madison

March 2014

Horizon Technology, Inc. Announces a New Evaporator for use in Oil & Grease (hexane-extractable Analysis)

Horizon Technology, Inc. Announces the E-Store for Easier Shopping

Horizon Announces additional tube racks for the XcelVap Evaporation/Concentration System

April 2013

Horizon donates an original SPE-DEX 4700 to the Chemical Heritage Foundation on the company’s 20th anniversary

Horizon announces the introduction of the XcelVap automated benchtop evaporation/concentration system

Horizon moves to a larger office and manufacturing space in Salem, New Hampshire

September 2012

Dr.  Peter Brown joins Horizon Technology as CEO

September 2012

Determination of Monocrotophos, Diazinon, Malathion, EPN, and Methamidaphos from Aqueous Samples Using Atlantic HLB SPE Disks

August 2012

For the 4th time Horizon is Named to Inc. 5000 List of Fastest Growing Private Companies

May 2012

Horizon Technology Welcomes New Czech Republic Distributor, Labicom S.R.O

New Distributor, Boyut, Represents Horizon Technology in Turkey

April 2012

Horizon Technology Welcomes New German Distributor, Axel Semrau GmbH & Co. KG

September 2011

Horizon Technology Introduces the SmartPrep Extractor

June 2011

Horizon Technology Welcomes New Indian Distributor, Crescent Scientific Pvt. Ltd

May 2011

New Method and SPE Disk Holder Expedites Highly Particulate Semi-Volatile Sample Processing

May 2011

New Method Development for Semi-Volatile Organics (EPA Method 8270) Using an SPE Disk

April 2011

Horizon Helps Aid Relief for Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami

March 2011

Horizon Technology Announces a New Automated Sample Prep System for Environmental Waste Water

February 2011

Horizon Technology Simplifies the Automation of EPA Method 8270D with Advanced SPE Disk Technology

January 2011

Horizon’s Application Development Team Puts New Methods into Motion using Automated SPE