• Corporate Literature

    Get off to a better start with Automated Sample Preparation

  • New SPE-Z Prep Manifold for Disk Extraction

    For high productivity disk solid phase extraction (SPE) work

  • New SmartPrep® Extractor Brochure

    Simple automation of manual solid phase extraction (SPE) methods

  • SPE-DEX 5000 Automated Disk Extraction System

    3-position automated disk extraction system

  • SPE-DEX® 3100 Automated Extraction System

    Oil & Grease extraction system that works on even highly particulated samples

  • XcelVap® Automated Evaporation/Concentration System

    Modern, compact nitrogen blow-down system that provides rapid, gentle evaporation

  • DryVap® Automated In-Line Drying and Concentration System

    Automated solvent drying, solvent evaporation and sample concentration

  • System Service and Support

    Maintain your System at Optimal Performance

  • Consumables Brochure

    Economical and High-Performance SPE Disks and Accessories