XcelVap® Automated Evaporation/Concentration System

The XcelVap® Evaporation/Concentration System - use multiple racks in the same unit!


  • Method Storage
  • Multi-Step Pressure Profile
  • Upgrade for Existing Users

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The Perfect Companion for Every Chromatograph!

The XcelVap® Automated Evaporation and Concentration System is a modern, compact

nitrogen blow-down system that provides rapid, gentle evaporation of up to 54 sample extracts ranging in size up to 200-mL each.

Liquid/Liquid, continuous, micro or solid phase extractions (SPE) of environmental, food, clinical or other matrices still need evaporation of solvent to rapidly reduce sample volumes appropriate for the best analytical instrument sensitivity. Evaporation is accomplished by combining consistent heat, controlled nitrogen flow, and active venting of the solvent vapors. With the XcelVap System, less time and attention are required to prepare reproducible extracts for chromatography analysis (GC/MS, LC/MS, GC, LC), improving laboratory productivity.

  • Automated pressure profiling for optimum speed with no splattering or cross contamination
  • Nozzles can be individually changed or reconfigured for different racks by the user, simplifying maintenance and reducing operating costs
  • Nitrogen blow-down evaporation of up to 54 sample extracts, ranging in size from less than 1 mL up to 200 mL
  • Easy water bath management with water level sensor and front draining for best performance
  • Accommodates many popular sample tubes providing flexibility for multiple applications
  • Reliable unattended operation, freeing operator for other tasks
  • Portrait orientation and exhaust venting keep costs down by avoiding placement in a fume hood or if necessary, economical use of hood space
  • Easy to develop methods and see conditions from anywhere in the lab with color touch panel software