The SPE-Z Prep Manifold for Disk Extraction

Three stations set up for the elution step


The SPE-Z Prep SPE Vacuum Manifold (PN SPZ-0250) is designed for high productivity disk solid phase extraction (SPE) work. It is an excellent first step into SPE for a laboratory moving away from less efficient liquid-liquid extraction for the extraction of semi/nonvolatile analytes and Oil & Grease from a water sample.  The manifold will allow you to use high-quality Pacific® O&G and Atlantic® solid phase extraction (SPE) disks from Horizon Technology in an easy to use three-position unit.  The system offers the flexibility to choose optimal size disks (47 or 100 mm) and pre-filters to process a wide range of water sample including those with heavy particulate.  The system also offers the possibility of connecting several units together to increase operator efficiency.

The three positions set up for the SPE disk elution step are shown to the right, each with a different disk size, showing the range possible.

The system includes:

  • Three position metal base with three extraction ports with waste tubing coming through the center port in the back
  • Three (3) glass cylinder Elution Chambers for production of vacuum
  • Three (3) Elution Chamber Lids with Luer connectors
  • 3 Funnels for pouring larger liquid quantities

Coupled with disk holders and choice of SPE disks and pre-filters, based on the application, the full system allows disk conditioning, sample loading and elution with solvents in a fast, easy, and efficient process. The system will also accommodate 40-mL VOA vials with an optional manifold adapter platform (PN 99-0250-01)

A full User’s Guide comes with the system to speed the learning curve and allow a laboratory to become proficient quickly and efficiently.