Fast Flow Disk Holder

Fast Flow Disk Holder & Disks

Customer demand has prompted the development of this unique accessory. It has been designed to facilitate fast, efficient and cost-effective processing of environmental water samples containing medium to high particulate matter using Horizon’s SPE-DEX® 5000 extractor equipment.

The large 100-mm pre-filter assembly mounted above a conventional 47-mm Atlantic SPE disk provides a large surface area over which sediment in water samples can be filtered effectively prior to contact with the sorbent material. This design supports a high flow rate (>150 mL/min) for samples containing particulate-laden matter. Two new Atlantic pre-filters are available, 1 5-micron coarse pre-filter and a 1-micron fine pre-filter.


  • Affordability – Supports 47-mm low cost SPE disks
  • Speed-Processes 1L of a dirty sample in less than 30 minutes
  • Accommodates your most challenging water samples
  • Includes analytes that cling to the sediment in the extractor process

Method Compatibility

While this new product is fully compatible with all organic methods currently developed and used with our SPE-DEX 5000 instruments it will be most valuable to customers who seek solutions for effective processing of particulated wastewater or groundwater samples. Therefore, it is anticipated that all customers involved in processing the following EPA Methods will benefit from this product. US EPA Method 608, 625, 1600-series and 8000-series as well as other regulatory methods around the world involving the measurement of trace analytes in samples containing sediments and other particulates will benefit from this technology.