Speed-Vap® IV Automated Solvent Evaporation System

Speed-Vap® IV
Automated Solvent Evaporation System

The Speed-Vap IV Solvent Evaporation System provides safe and fast evaporation of n-hexane solvent for oil and grease or fat extractions.

A vortex airflow combined with precise temperature control enables the Speed-Vap system to quickly and safely evaporate n-hexane solvent from oil and grease extractions. The low-temperature heating system assures consistent and gentle heating of all samples to prevent the loss of volatile analytes in the oil and grease sample. The gentle airflow created by the application of vacuum accelerates the evaporation of n-hexane from all of the samples.

Evacuating the n-hexane vapors via vacuum allows for the use of the optional in-line Solvent Trap™ Solvent Recovery System to trap harmful n-hexane vapors.

The Speed-Vap IV System features:

  • Bench-top operation frees up valuable hood space
  • Controlled evaporation for easy, reliable gravimetric results
  • Reduced exposure to hazardous solvents
  • Timer and chime to warn analyst when the sample evaporation is almost complete
  • Cuts evaporation times in half for increased lab productivity
  • CE-marked and tested for safe laboratory use