Solvent Delivery System

Solvent Delivery System

The Solvent Delivery System is designed specifically for use with the SPE-DEX 1000/3000. The Solvent Delivery System has been a standard part with the SPE-DEX 3100 since its inception. For the ultimate in safety, durability and longevity, the system is constructed of stainless steel. Each canister is pressure tested and quality checked in an ISO-9002 manufacturing facility.

The system consists of:

  • Stainless steel canister
  • Two ports for solvent, allowing delivery of pre-wet or rinse solvent from the same canister
  • Easy control of nitrogen pressure with two ports with turnoff valves, one dedicated to pressure relief
  • Easily-viewed nitrogen pressure gauge
  • Grounding cable for static discharge control

The 5-L canister replaces two glass bottles and the increased capacity reduces the need for refilling during busy times. Switch now for increased safety and convenience.

Part numbers 50-2818 (3000), 50-2818-01 (1000).

Watch the latest video showing how easy it is to transition from older glass bottles to the new Solvent Delivery System.