Leadership Team

Bob Johnson

Chief Executive OfficerMr. Robert S. Johnson is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Horizon Technology, Inc.  Mr. Johnson founded Horizon Technology in 1992 to address the sample preparation needs of environmental testing laboratories. He recognized the growing need for automating sample preparation while increasing the precision and accuracy of results and lowering overall costs. Bob worked with the US EPA to understand the upcoming requirements for trace organics and oil and grease analysis. He then identified the technology required to begin developing the test using existing 3M technology and eventually optimizing disk chemistry and performance to meet increasingly more demanding requirements. Developing a key team of engineers and chemists has resulted in Horizon Technology Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) Disks becoming the gold standard of the industry. Two decades of dedication to environmental applications have allowed Horizon to take a leadership position in all aspects of water extraction. Bob is also the Chief Technical Officer where he has used his experience and leadership qualities to develop a series of new products that allow Horizon to automate various needs in the laboratory such as concentration and evaporation. A focus on applications development has allowed Horizon to now work in various other markets such as food and agriculture, forensic, toxicology and biotechnology. The company is also well known for having a focused and enjoyable work ethic that is very family oriented. Prior to Horizon, Bob was a sales manager and product manager at Zymark where he developed the evaporation product lines for the environmental laboratory. He served as a Chromatography Support specialist at Varian to gain experience in the technical aspects of the laboratory and gain an understanding in how to best support customers.

 Mr. Johnson received a Masters in Chemical Oceanography and a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of Rhode Island.  

Martha Johnson

Co-Founder & Executive Vice President Ms. Martha Johnson is the Co-Founder and Executive Vice President at Horizon Technology, Inc. since its inception in 1992. Prior to Horizon, for 15 years she managed federal grants to assure compliance of the Safe Drinking Water Act for the US Environmental Protection Agency. She has a deep understanding of customer needs and the regulatory requirements they face which has guided the instruments and chemistry developed to meet their needs. She started her career working for a large municipal drinking water treatment plant in Florida and holds a Class B Water Treatment Plant Operators License. She then worked for the State of Florida Department of Environmental Services, Office of Enforcement, with a specialty in drinking water regulations.

Combining her technical experience and regulatory knowledge has served the company in multiple areas including product development direction; establishing customer services and support as well as closing multiple financing rounds. She has been the key customer advocate while Horizon optimized its offerings to best meet current tactical requirements while assuring strategic development to address future needs.

Ms. Johnson received a Bachelor of Science in Resource Development.


Eberhard Rau

Chief Financial Officer & Director of Operations Mr. Rau joined Horizon Technology in 2012 and is responsible for the company’s finance, manufacturing and general operations including human resources. Working closely with the management team he has help guide the company in developing and implementing policies that provide high quality products in a profitable manner. The philosophy and guidelines developed have created an environment that encourages personnel to meet their potential while being motivated to help the company meet and exceed it goals. Before joining Horizon, he spent 14 years at Teledyne Leeman Labs (2004 – 2012) and Leeman Labs Inc. (1998 – 2004) in similar financial and operational roles. Mr. Rau held prior senior management positions at VoiSys International and Computer Devices.

Mr. Rau received a Bachelor of Science degree with majors in both Finance and Investments from Babson College.


Al Correia

Vice President of Commercial OperationsMr. Correia joined the company from SeqLL where he served as Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Operations. At Harvard Apparatus Regenerative Medicine where he served as Vice President of Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing and Operations he set up and managed collaborations with the leading key opinion leaders in the regenerative medicine field. He established and managed the company’s research system manufacturing and support systems. At Cambridge Biomedical, as Vice President of Sales and Operations, he was involved in all aspects of the company including sales, marketing, development and the laboratory where he designed and built the new laboratory facility and developed relations with the four largest diagnostic companies in the world to provide revenue. As Vice President of Marketing at VelQuest Corp, a provider of GMP compliance software to the pharmaceutical industry,he presented over 50 workshops and seminars at international conferences and meetings on various compliance topics including electronic record requirements, data acquisition and 21CFR,Part 11. As Vice President and General Manager at Unisyn Technologies, a contract manufacturer of Pre-clinical, Phase 1 and Phase 2 therapeutics, he designed, built and ran a GMP production plant. A major project completed while head of development was the design of a new line of bioreactors. Prior to Unisyn, Al held several technical and marketing management positions at Zymark Corporation and was a co-founder of Xydex, a sample handling company that was acquired by Genex. He also held positions in the sales and application laboratory at Waters Associates.

Mr. Correia received a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from the College of the Holy Cross.