Drying / Evaporation / Concentration

Evaporation is a key step in the analytical process and Horizon Technology offers several ways to accomplish this. Our application notes describe features and performance of the systems. Recoveries of the analytes balanced with rapid evaporation is the goal and this is achieved for many classes of compounds.

The DryDisk Separation Membranes offer a much more efficient means of drying solvents in organic extractions than sodium sulfate. Because it is a physical separation rather than a chemical process to remove residual water from organic solvent extractions, DryDisk membranes eliminate the problems inherent with chemical drying, messy water removal, and inability to handle emulsions. When used in combination with the DryVap system, the sample drying and concentration phase of the extraction process is a breeze.

DryDisk Separation Membrane

AN052An Improved Solvent Drying Technique for Enhanced Recovery of Organic Compounds
AN051A Study of DryDisk Background Contamination
TN008Drying Solvent Extracts using a Membrane

DryVap Concentrator System

AN066The Complete Evaporation of Methanol for LC Applications using the DryVap Concentration System
AN049Using the Learn Mode to Optimize Recoveries with the DryVap Concentrator System
AN046Optimizing the DryVap Concentrator System for use with High Boiling Solvent Mixtures
AN048Solvent Exchange from DCM to Hexanes using the DryVap Concentrator System
AN044Impacting Recoveries: Excessive Solvent Washing of Concentrator Tubes
AN050Concentrating PCB Congeners 10 Thousand Fold with the Horizon Technology DryVap Concentrator System
AN047Recovery of Organochorine Pesticides using MeCl with the DryVap Concentrator System
AN045Automated Drying and Concentrating of Neutral and List 1 Pesticides with Horizon Technology DryVap Concentrator System
AN060Enhancing the Recoveries and Throughput of Semi-Volatile Samples using the Direct-to-GC Vial Concentrator Tube and DryVap Concentrator System

XcelVap Evaporation/Concentration System

TN003Concentrating Phenolic Compounds using the XcelVap Evaporation/Concentration System
TN002The XcelVap Evaporation/Concentration System Pressure Profiling


P009Fundamentals and Comparisons for Organic Sample Extract Evaporation