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Press release 2017

Horizon Technology, Inc. Announces the SmartPrep® II Cartridge Extractor

Horizon Technology is pleased to announce the introduction of the SmartPrep Cartridge Extractor II for method development and automation of previously developed manual methods. The SmartPrep II is a second generation system with additional features and improved ruggedness. Positive pressure consistently delivers the sample and solvents, yielding reproducible unattended results. Cartridges of 1, 3 and 6-mL size from most manufacturers can be used in the system, easing the transition to automation. "More extensive reporting and the implementation of an optional bar code reader speed the auxiliary tasks required when performing sample preparation" said Robert Johnson, CEO. "We believe our customers will be pleased with the system improvements and continued attention to their needs and requests". said David Cross, Director of Engineering. The SmartPrep II is designed for special environmental applications, such as perfluorinated chemicals, nitrosamines, acetamide herbicide degradates, food preparation such as aflatoxins in peanut paste, and energy methods such as furans in transformer oils.

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For additional media information, please contact: Zoe Grosser, Marketing Manager at zgrosser@horizontechinc.com.

About Horizon Technology, Inc.
Horizon Technology Inc, is a leading global manufacturer of automated sample preparation systems for the analysis of organic compounds and Oil & Grease Testing. Understanding the challenges today's laboratories face, and the importance of the sample preparation step to the overall analytical process, Horizon Technology helps laboratory managers meet their business objectives by increasing sample throughput, reducing operating costs and improving the accuracy and consistency of their data. Horizon Technology Inc., is headquartered in the United States, with distributors around the world. For more information, visit www.horizontechinc.com.

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