SPE Sample Prep Videos

Horizon Technology Corporate Capabilities

  • Work Smarter Not Harder

SPE-DEX 5000 Disk Extraction System

  • The SPE-DEX 5000 Disk Extraction System

SmartPrep Automated Cartridge System

  • New SmartPrep Cartridge Extractor II
  • Introduction to the SmartPrep
  • SmartPrep Hardware & Software Intro
  • 1 mL Sample Delivery Demo

XcelVap Automated Concentration/Evaporation System

  • New XcelVap Automated Concentration/Evaporation System
  • An Introduction to XcelVap

SPE-DEX 3100 Automated Oil and Grease Extractor

  • Introducing the SPE-DEX 3100 Oil & Grease Extractor
  • SelectScience Pittcon 2015 Overview of the SPE-DEX 3100
  • Separation of Water from Hexane

DryVap Automated Concentrator

  • DryVap Concentrator Demonstration
  • DryVap Concentrator Extended Demonstration