TurboVap® vs. XcelVap® Evaporation Systems Comparison


FeatureTurboVap® SystemXcelVap™ System
Automatic Pressure Profile for eliminating spatter or cross contaminationNoYes
Change individual gas nozzles for consistent gas flow eliminating need to replace entire manifoldNoYes
Integrated, easily accessible front water bath drainNoYes
Ability to accommodate a variety of different tube sizes in one instrument from test tubes up to 200-mL tubesNoYes
Reconfigure nozzles for other racks and glasswareNoYes
Portrait orientation for economical space use in the hood or on the benchNoYes
LCD touch-panel operationNoYes
Adjustable volume control over several steps for run completion alertNoYes
Replace single manifold if necessary, rather than allYes, LV OnlyYes
Up to 54 tube-capacityNoYes
Water bath 'low'-level sensor to protect heater lifeNoYes
Automatic gas valve shuts off nitrogen flow when power is turned 'Off’'NoYes
Easy-access power switch (front panel)NoYes
Selectable bath temperature shutoff timeNoYes
Electronics protected from water contaminationNoYes
Optical sensors for endpoint detectionYes, large volume onlyNo