TurboVap® vs. XcelVap® Evaporation Systems Comparison


FeatureTurboVap® SystemXcelVap® System
Automatic Pressure Profile for eliminating spatter or cross contaminationNoYes
Up to 5-step Pressure Profile ProgramNoYes
Save up to 6 methodsNoYes
Change individual gas nozzles for consistent gas flow eliminating need to replace entire manifoldNoYes
Integrated, easily accessible front water bath drainNoYes
Ability to accommodate a variety of different tube sizes in one instrument from test tubes up to 200-mL tubesNoYes
Reconfigure nozzles by user for other racks and glasswareNoYes
Portrait orientation for economical space use in the hood or on the benchNoYes
LCD touch-panel operationNoYes
Adjustable volume control over several steps for run completion alertNoYes
Replace single manifold if necessary, rather than allYes, LV OnlyYes
Up to 54 tube-capacityNoYes
Water bath 'low'-level sensor to protect heater lifeNoYes
Automatic gas valve shuts off nitrogen flow when power is turned 'Off’'NoYes
Easy-access power switch (front panel)NoYes
Selectable bath temperature shutoff timeNoYes
Electronics protected from water contaminationNoYes
Optical sensors for endpoint detectionYes, large volume onlyNo