SPE-DEX® 1000XL Oil & Grease Extractor

SPE-DEX® 1000XL Automated Extractor System

A fully automated, single-station extraction system, the Horizon Technology SPE-DEX 1000XL Automated Extractor System provides maximum speed,  accuracy and simplicity for extracting a wide range of “clean” and “dirty” aqueous samples for oil and grease and non-polar material (NPM) by EPA Method 1664A & 1664B. The SPE-DEX1000XL is ideal for facilities that process only a few samples each week. Learn more about the process here »

The SPE-DEX1000XL Automated Ext®raction System uses Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) technology to replace the old, labor-intensive liquid-liquid extraction (LLE) technique. In addition to delivering accurate, more consistent results, SPE technology reduces both sample processing times and solvent use.

Solvent consumption is cut by up to 90% compared to traditional liquid-liquid extraction methods. Sample run times are less than 30 minutes.

Unattended operation increases the overall productivity of your lab as personnel are freed up for other projects. The SPE-DEX 1000XL Automated Extractor processes samples directly from the original sample bottle. It automatically delivers all solvents, regulates sample processing and disk drying times, rinses the sample bottle and collects the extract.

The SPE-DEX 1000XL Automated Extractor System features:

  • Bench-top operation to free up valuable hood space
  • Reduced operator exposure to hazardous solvents
  • Automated extraction eliminates variability between chemists’ techniques
  • Uses 47 mm and 90 mm disks