Envision® Controller for the SPE-DEX® 4790 Extractor

The Envision Platform is the next generation controller for the SPE-DEX® 4790 Extractor system. Built on proven technology, it is the first web-based controller for SPE.

The Envision Controller offers an easy-to-use, compact and user-friendly interface for controlling  and interacting with up to eight extractors. You can develop, save, and transfer methods.

The Envision Controller connects to a PC from which you can configure and operate up to eight SPE-DEX 4790 Extractor systems through intuitive and easy-to-use software.

Software Tour

The Operations screen is used to control and monitor the status of each Extractor. The screen is divided into sections within the right and left pane. The right pane displays the status of all connected Extractors; the left pane is used to control and monitor one Extractor.