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SPE Trends

SPE Trends



October 2013

The Environmental Impact of the Government Shutdown!

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has had to furlough more than 16,000 of its employees—about 93 percent of its staff—due to the government shutdown. It's down to the bare-bone minimum like so many other government agencies. But the longer the shutdown drags on, the longer the health of the environment and the public is at risk.

The employees within the EPA make it their goal to protect the health of both American citizens and the environment. The agency's enforcement guards against toxic air and water pollutants, the release of poisonous chemicals from hazardous waste sites, ingestion of lead-based paint and even asbestos in buildings. But the shutdown has seriously hampered its capacity to perform these duties.

Read the complete article here »

Shutting down the US government may be easier than starting it back up.  Read the article discussing the environmental impact of the shutdown and check out our application notes on environmental analysis.

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December 4, 2012

Pesticides in Tap Water are The New Culprit for Food Allergies

It's been recently discovered that pesticides, like dichlorophenol, are finding their way into drinking water supplies and can be weakening people's food tolerances causing the number of people with food allergies to rise. It's estimated that nearly 15 million Americans suffer from some level of food allergies.

It's increasingly important for drinking water supplies to be properly tested. Horizon Technology is an industry leader in developing applications and methods for extracting pesticides from drinking water.

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For Horizon drinking water and Pesticides application notes click here »

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September 12 , 2012

Clean Water Act Celebrates 40th Birthday...With a "Mid-Life Crisis"

Since it's implementation in 1972 the Clean Water Act (CWA) has been largely successful in it's effort to make all US waters "fishable and swimmable" and of course to maintain reliable drinking water sources. While 40 years later all US waters do not meet CWA requirements roughly 65% do which is a huge accomplishment in itself.

So why the mid life crisis? "The EPA has recognized inability to manage non point sources like runoff from cities, farms, other intensive land uses. They have not been subject to nearly as strict a regulatory regime, and the typical assessment is those programs have not been as successful."

Read the complete article here »

For Horizon drinking water application notes click here »

May 7 , 2012

Prevent Pesticide Poisonings

As specialists in environmental water testing we understand the importance of testing for pesticides in our water and the dangers and harmful effects of pesticides in our drinking water. However, exposure to pesticides is much more common in household accidents involving children under the age of 6.

Each year approximately 4 million calls are made to poison centers. Roughly 150,000 of those are related to household pesticides. The EPA reminds us what are considered household pesticide products and ways to prevent accidental pesticide poisonings.

For Horizon pesticides and drinking water application notes click here »

March 23 , 2012

Fats, Oils & Grease (FOG)

FOG: A by product of cooking, FOG comes from meat, fats, lard, oil, shortening, butter, margarine, food scraps, sauces, and dairy products

FOG build up is the number one cause of public and private sewage spills.

Large amounts of oil and grease in the wastewater cause trouble in the collection system pipes. It decreases pipe capacity and, therefore, requires that piping systems be cleaned more often and/or some piping to be replaced sooner than otherwise expected. Oil and grease also hamper effective treatment at the wastewater treatment plant.

Grease Interceptors can effectively help battle this problem, however they are not a cure and samples still need to be tested. Find out how Horizon's SPE-DEX 3000XL and 1000XL O&G extractors helped with oil and grease samples in Arizona. Read the Article »

Source:New Castle County, Delaware & Oregon Association of Clean Water Agencies

January 12, 2012

A New Year & Dueling Republican Candidates: Is the EPA on Borrowed Time if the GOP Takes The White House?

The battle between the EPA and the business sector wages on. Many republican candidates would argue that strict and often times constraining regulations are causing uncertainty in the business sector. This makes it difficult to create new jobs and expand business potential. Some candidates feel there is great job growth opportunities in drilling for oil and believe current restrictions and red tape stand in the way of this venture. This is why nearly all republican candidates would either impose deep funding cuts to environmental protection, limit their authority or eliminate it all together.

Unversely some regulations that Republicans have pledged to eliminate are critical. "It's been proven over and over again that if we don't regulate industries, they can't be trusted to do their own things," said Carberry, the director of Green State Solutions. "It just means they're going to make more money for shareholders. For example states such as Iowa who have vast farm lands and rely heavily on the quality of their environment, EPA protection is quite necessary. The EPA regulates water quality and pesticides, and it has established measures to keep manure from running into waterways.

So what is worse, a country with no environmental regulations or one with too many? Whatever happened to finding the middle ground? It makes me wonder if Republicans and Democrats will ever put aside party agendas for the greater good of our country. If this is the new government norm, one without compromise, perhaps it's time to start exploring Canadian citizenship.

For application notes pertaining to environmental pesticides click here »

December 29 , 2011

Bringing EPA Method 8270D to a New Level

A recently published application note developed by Horizon Technology in LC/GC explains how to efficiently and accurately process difficult 8270 samples.

Read the complete application note here »

Source: LC/GC & Horizon Technology

December 13, 2011

Slow Sample Prep Methods Slowing Down Consumption of Beer!

Okay, not really! However, slow manual sample prep methods are slowing down the detection of lead in beer testing in Brazil. The concentration of metals in many alcoholic beverages is a significant parameter which can affect their consumption and conservation.

Metals find their way into alcoholic beverages at different stages and through various sources including the raw materials, type of brewing process and equipment, bottling, aging/storage, and adulteration.

Thus, many metals are monitored and regulated, which has resulted in the development of analytical techniques for their analysis. The determination of trace metals in beer is relevant, because they might be essential or toxic to the human body, and they can also influence the brewing process. The analysis is generally carried out by atomic absorption or emission techniques; however, the long sample preparation times required often preclude their widespread use.

Read The Full Article Here »

Source: Journal of Analytical Methods and Chemistry

Automating the sample prep step with the SPE-DEX 4790 or the SmartPrep Extractor saves time, money and ensures consistent results. Cheers!


November 17 , 2011

Phasing Out Water Pollution

The irony is not lost on water testing laboratories that testing water for dangerous analytes will eventually release those hazardous pollutants back into the environment. This article focuses on how to reduce and eliminate this from happening.

Read the complete article here »

Source: water/waste Processing


October 24, 2011

Heavy Metal not in Harmony with the Environment

Solid Phase Extraction used as a preconcentration technique to determine lead in sugar. New studies suggest lead polluting food sources is a growing problem.

Read the complete article here »

Source- American Journal of Analytical Chemistry

Horizon offers an accurate and reliable C18 disk...check it out


October 14 , 2011

Are We Trending to Run Out of water?

In this presentation by Sam White given at the 2011 ACIL conference, water consumption is examined. As the world's population continues to grow steadily so do our water consumption habits. So the question is what options do we have when the demand heavily out weighs the supply?

Water testing and purification will be vital necessities to support the population growth. Horizon Technology's SPE products will play an instrumental role in this process. Horizon Products

Get the complete presentation here »

Source: Dr. Sam White, University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee via ACIL


October 3, 2011

National Primary Drinking Water Regulations

How familiar are you with this list of contaminants?

Review the full list here »

Source- http://water.epa.gov/


September 26, 2011

What's New for SW-846?

Check out this new poster which was on display at NEMC 2011

New Method 8276: Toxaphene and Toxaphene Congeners is examined


Source and special thanks to A. Dahl


September 16, 2011

Dr. Oz Takes On Apple Juice

Reports are suggesting Dr. Oz's findings are unfounded due to the fact he used a water testing method opposed to typical juice analysis methods.

See for yourself Research Results »

The FDA cites 23 parts per billion as the "level on concern", most juices contain an average of 5 parts per billion. Will this information deter you from picking up apple juice next time you're at the store?

Sources: Fruitjuicefacts.org, DoctorOz.com


September 7, 2011

A new Liquid / Solid Phase Extraction Combination Delivers Results for Advances in Neuroendocrinology

The one two punch: Liquid liquid extraction and solid phase extraction produce results for quantification of brain estrogen content.

Read the full article »

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August 26, 2011

A Natural Approach to SPE

Brazilian scientists use banana peels for the successful extraction of lead and copper from river water.

"A team of eight scientists in Brazil have added purification of drinking water contaminated with potentially toxic metals to the list of uses for banana peels."

Read the full article »

Also highly effective....Horizon Technology's Atlantic brand SPE disks!

Source: Environmental Protection


August 16, 2011

Utilizing Solid Phase Extraction for the Detection of Drugs of Abuse in Water

Contaminants in our surface and waste water have been a growing concern for some time now. How are they being handled?

Get more information on this subject: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20149380


August 8, 2011

EPA Prepares for UCMR 3

Under the 3rd UCMR list 30 new contaminants will be monitored...are you prepared for what's on that list?

List of Contaminants

"As proposed, UCMR 3 would require monitoring for 30 contaminants using EPA and/or consensus organization analytical methods during 2013-2015. Together EPA, States, laboratories and public water systems (PWSs) would participate in UCMR 3."

Source- http://water.epa.gov/

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