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envision software demo

The Envision Platform is the next generation controller for the Spe-Dex® 4790 Extractor system. Connecting to a PC, it is a web-based controller for SPE, offering an easy-to-use, compact and user-friendly interface for controlling and interacting with up to eight extractors, and also providing the ability to develop, save, and transfer methods.

envision demoThe Envision Platform Controller has been programmed with three (3) demo programs, identified as Demo 1, Demo 2, and Demo 3. To access these methods, click the down arrow under the current method box. Scroll down to the bottom to find the Demo methods. Select one of the three methods to run.

Demo Descriptions
The actual method used for each Demo method is identified below.

Demo 1
Demo 1 has a single Wash step with Acetone, a 15 second Soak Time, and a 20 sec Air Dry Time. This would be a typical method to help purge, or clean the extractor unit.
[ Duration 00:01:38 minutes ]

Demo 2
Demo 2 has a single Wash step with Acetone, a 15 second Soak Time, and a 20 second Air Dry Time. After the Water sample filters through the SPE disk, there is a 15 second Air Dry time to remove residual water from the disk. The disk is then rinsed with Acetone and Methylene Chloride. [ Duration 00:04:24 minutes ]

Demo 3
Demo 3 immediately introduces the water sample and air dries the disk for 5 seconds. The disk is then rinsed with Acetone, followed by 2 rinses of Methylene Chloride. [ Duration 00:03:29 minutes ]

Please note: The other methods in the list are non-operational. An attempt to select and use one, will indicate a Fault in the Status Box. This fault will occur because the extractors are not configured for the solvents required by these other methods. Only the 3 Demo methods are operational.

Demo Instructions
Once you have selected Demo 1, 2, or 3, to view from the drop-down list, press Load and then Start.

The Status box will advise you as to the sample preparation stage, and the Elapsed Time will advise method run time.

To exit the demo press abort

envision demo 2

Further Information
For further information regarding the the Envision™ Platform Controller, and/or trade-in of your existing controller, please contact Horizon Technology Sales either via telephone at +1-800-991-2997 or via email at sales@horizontechinc.com.


Due to unprecedented demand for viewing of the Envision Platform Controller, you may experience some disruption during the demo.
We apologize in advance, and request that you CONTACT US should you encounter this problem, and we will ensure your demo viewing satisfaction.


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